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Floor coverings for the ice rink

IDS : revêtements de sol techniques

Manufacturing and marketing mats
and flooring for ice rink

Revêtement de sol pour patinoire

Who are we ?

Since 1996, IDS has been manufacturing and marketing mats and flooring for ice rinks. IDS offers a “Rink” range developed specifically for use in extreme conditions.

The world of ice rinks must meet certain technical requirements in order to ensure the safety and comfort of users while preserving the structure of places of passage and their durability.

Our flooring for the ice rink is extremely resistant to mechanical stress and the passage of skates.

From design to manufacturing

The IDS products consist mainly of natural rubber. This natural material is produced from latex secreted by a tree: the Hevea. Rubber is used in two forms:

  • Non-recycled natural rubber: Natural rubber is produced directly from the transformation of latex. It is very resistant to abrasion and remains flexible even in freezing conditions or subjected to prolonged exposure to U.V.
  • Non-recycled natural rubber and recycled natural rubber mix : Natural rubber can also be mixed with recycled rubber to reduce its cost. The rubber grains mainly come from the recycling process. Recycled rubber is quite suitable for glued floor coverings and very thick and non-glued slabs. It is non-slip, robust and insulates against cold and noise.

The most

IDS is committed to offering quality products that respect the environment by complying with REACH regulations, and is also committed by being a BSCI / FTA member, and compliant with the ISO 9001 standard.
revêtement de sol pour Patinoire
revêtement de sol pour Patinoire

Make the right choice of your product.

Patinoire : Bien choisir votre revêtement de sol
Patinoire : Bien choisir votre produit
To choose the right product for you, you need first of all to think about the use you will make of it and what will be demanded of it.
  • On what kind of floor will you lay the gratings or covering?
  • Will be it be indoors or outdoors?
  • Are you going to glue it or lay it loose?
  • Do you need a particular fire classification?
  • Are you subject to disabled accessibility standards?
  • What will be the intensity of the traffic?
  • Do you need particular resistance to oil, chemicals, U.V, freezing or slipping?

Floor coverings for the ice rink

Our wide range of flooring can meet multiple needs for ice rinks. Indeed, you will find on our website various products such as slabs, rolls, rubber gratings but also personalized mats.

Thanks to our detailed product sheets, you can view each product and choose the one that suits you. Finally, pictograms are present on each product in order to immediately discover their usefulness: draining, non-slip, soundproofing, fire rating,… and you will also find the assembly instructions relating to these.

Revêtement de sol robuste pour patinoire
Revêtement de sol robuste pour patinoire

Why install our floor coverings??

1- Extremely resistant to mechanical stress
2 – Robust and durable coatings
3 – A wide range to meet customer expectations
4 – Customer service at your service

Special ice rink slabs

dalle caoutchouc emboitable spéciale patinoires
dalle caoutchouc emboitable spéciale patinoires
Our tiles are the ideal solution to protect your floors against shocks, abrasions and vibrations. In addition, their non-slip and self-locking aspect provides comfort and safety for users, especially on skates. The rubber they are made of is also extremely resistant to mechanical stress and has the advantage of absorbing noise from impacts or footsteps.
  • Free lay (no gluing)
  • Robust and insensitive to water
  • Resistant to the passage of skates
  • Non-slip
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Easy pose thanks to these puzzles
  • Cleaning with single brush machine
  • Drains moisture
  • Abrasion resistant

Roll flooring

To protect your floor and secure passageways, our roll mats are among the important accessories used in various places. Designed to withstand numerous and frequent passages, they are resistant and have a good absorption capacity. Also, to meet specific demands, IDS has designed ultra-resistant coatings for high-traffic areas, such as ice rinks.

  • Robust and insensitive to water
  • Aesthetic and decorative
  • shock absorber
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Cleaning with single brush machine
  • Great wear resistance
  • Non-slip
Revêtement de sol en rouleau pour patinoire
Revêtement de sol en rouleau pour patinoire

RINKTEX : The multi-activity mat

RINKTEX :Revêtement de protection pour la patinoire
RINKTEX :Revêtement de protection pour la patinoire

The RINKTEX protective coating allows you to organize events within your ice rink while protecting the ice.

This coating benefits from excellent insulation in order to organize events without damaging your ice rink and without feeling the cold of the ice.

Horse show, concert, boxing match, handball match and other events can be organized several times within your ice rink because this coating is reusable and durable.

Professional mat

The choice of a professional anti-dirt mat is made according to several criteria: the size of the entrance, the number of visitors, its absorbing or scraping function, but also the location. These are all elements to take into account when choosing your mat.

At IDS, we offer you a complete range of products in many different sizes and colours. Our floor coverings also help keep the premises clean thanks to their absorbent fibres.

  • Extremely robust and efficient
  • Non-slip sole
  • Excellent oil resistance
  • Reinforced edges
  • Machine washable
  • Possibility to customize our range of mats
Tapis professionnel
Tapis professionnel

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