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Our Consumer Deco mats

Our absorbent, scratching and decorative
but also customizable entrance mats

ID GROUP offers you a wide choice of creative, innovative, high-performance mats that can be personalized.


ID MAT : creative & high-performance mats

For more than 20 years, ID MAT has been able to offer you absorbent, scratching and multi-purpose entrance mats as well as decorative ones! We are constantly on the lookout for innovative products and new trends that allow us to regularly present new collections to you.

The mat is the perfect element to highlight the room of your choice. With its different shapes and materials, our mats will adapt to your interior decoration to enhance the whole. Indeed, they can easily land in a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom but also outside. It is up to you to make your choice.

In each place, a solution, a mat.

ID MAT: tapis et paillassons
ID MAT : tapis déco
ID MAT : tapis déco

Flocmat : the specialist of mat printing

FLOCMAT specializes in the creation, printing and manufacture of personalized mats. The company thus offers a wide range of personalized mats to meet the requirements of trade, marketing and communication professionals.

From event floor mats to card mats and our customizable outdoor mats, FLOCMAT is able to design the mat to your image.

Indeed, thanks to our different mat printing techniques, at FLOCMAT you will find a very varied range of carpets. Whether it is flocking, sublimation printing or even JetPrint, Flocmat will always have the solution to meet your expectations or your specific needs.

Le spécialiste en impression sur tapis FLOCMAT
Tapis personnalisé FLOCMAT