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Carpet lift for ski

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Manufacturing and marketing of carpet lift for skiers
and loading carpet for chairlifts

Carpet lift - Team Service

Who are we ?

Specializing in the manufacture and marketing of conveyor belt for skiers, the Italian company TEAM SERVICE joined ID Group in 2016.

TEAM SERVICE designs and manufactures carpet lift for skiers, and in several widths 650mm, 810mm, and 1 200mm. The TEAM SERVICE conveyor belt complies with the CE standard (EN 15700), ISO 9001 and STRMTG approval.

As an option, the carpet can be equipped with an IDDERMAN gallery, in order to protect the carpet and improve the comfort of skiers.

TEAM SERVICE also produces loading carpets for chairlifts. Very adaptable, they are very easy to install on any type of chairlift.

TEAM SERVICE designs and manufactures the carpet lift for ski resorts around the world.


Established at first in the mountain and in ski sector to transport and manage a high number of skiers, the carpet lift is an extreme versatile product. Its application has expanded over the years in the tourism sector, hotels, amusement parks, water parks, exhibitions and in sport facilities, with lengths up to 300 meters and greater.

Moreover, TEAM SERVICE manufactures loading carpets for both fixed-grip and automatic chairlifts, with 2- to 8-seater chairs.

Loading carpets can be installed on any kind of newly-set up or existing chairlift systems.

Presentation : carpet lift and chair lift belt
Presentation : carpet lift and chair lift belt

Global presence

Team Service is a company based in Italy, originated in 1996, currently serving customers of four continents and twenty-two countries.

Carpet lift for ski

Carpet lift for ski​ TEAM SERVICE
Carpet lift for ski​ TEAM SERVICE
TEAM SERVICE offers two models of carpet lift: the TS SMART carpet and the TS E.I. carpet (electronic intelligent) that has a more advanced management system. These two types of carpets have both standard equipment:
    • Compact motor station
    • Optimized motorization to reduce energy comsuption
    • Driving roller Ø 350mm (small size)
    • Compact return station
    • Return roller Ø 250mm
    • Hydraulic piston to adjust belt’s tension
    • Interlocking and lightweight modules
    • Easy and fast installation
  • BELT:
    • Rubber belt created to transport skiers
    • Highly resistant to wear and temperature changes
    • Perfect grip also with snow and water
    • Pre-stretched for a reduced elongation when it’s workingRubber belt created to transport skiers


The control panel is an essential component, a unique feature that represents a real asset of our product on the market. The control touch screen ensures fast and easy operation for all the various system functions as well as real-time monitoring to determine any causes for system downtime, faults or malfunction.


Simple and intuitive, it allows full control of each electrical circuit. Thanks to the snow clearing and de-icing function, your installation is cleaned quickly. It also offers several display options: operating speed, amperage, motor temperature, date, time and external temperature. Finally, you have the possibility of activating the start/stop automatically and of displaying the number of passages on the installation.


Team Service provides customers with 24/7 remote support on all products.
Tapis skieur : colonne de commande
Tapis skieur : colonne de commande

Models carpet lift

Modèles tapis skieur
Modèles tapis skieur


The TS model is equipped with a smart interface, that consists of a touch screen 3.5-inch for adjusting the speed ofthe belt, andto detect any faults and defects in theelectrical system

TS E.I. (Electronic Intelligent) CARPET

The carpet TS E.I has the same basic of Smart but it has many extras. All of these sensors are controlled by the advanced interface the 12,1 inch.touch screen of TS E.I. The management system can controll and adjust the engine’s parameters, such as belt speed, engine temperature, consumption, but also to acton the tension of the belt and activate the defrost of the belt or heating of the motor



  • HTotal system height = 500mm
  • Conveyor belt with non-slip rubber strips, mounted on steel supports.
  • Belt drive with steel chain, shafts and cog wheels.
  • Automatic greaser to maintain proper chain lubrication.
  • 7.5kW Sew Eurodrive motor drive
  • SKF motor/shaft coupling for easier assembly and disassembly, as required.
  • Load gate equipped with an electric motor and a limit switch.
  • Galvanized steel frame.
  • Side covers in rubber-coated galvanized steel.

Certified product in compliance with 2000/9/EC European Directive.

Tapis d'embarquement pour télésiège
Tapis d'embarquement pour télésiège

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