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AXET : Springbox ski lifts

The Swedish company Axet has joined ID Group in 2016. With more than 60 skilifts installed throughout France and Europe, the Top Lift Ski lift by Axet is acclaimed by ski area managers. Compliant with CE regulation, sturdy and reliable, it does represent an excellent value for money.

The Axet ski lift is made in Sweden. All parts are laser-cut and assembled without a single welding. All bearings are SKF.

Unobtrusive, the Axet ski lift will be integrated perfectly in its surrounding environment. Its discretion makes it ideal for snow fronts.

Everything in the Axet ski lift was thought to be as easy as possible : the installation, the operation and the maintenance. Pre-assembled elements enable the customer to install its ski lift easily and rapidly.

Wordwide Dealer: ID Group (except for Scandinavia, France, Spain, Andorre, and French -speaking Switzerland)

Adress : Z.A. Alpespace - 47 Voie St Exupéry – 73800 Francin – France
Tel. : +33. (0)
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Email : idgroup(at)
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